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Welcome to my online space!

I’m a portrait & lifestyle photographer based in Melbourne, Australia and I love capturing moments that feel easy and natural. I working with women to creating beautiful imagery for their brands or business. They say a picture says a thousand words, you know those moments in time you dont even realise happen? Thats what I love to capture, and I will get just as if not more excited than you, haha. I kind of obsess over those moments.


I believe that with the knowledge of my ancestors & ancient well-being practices we can learn how to care for our country & heal our spirits. I share wellness through Wayapa Wuurrk: An Earth Mindfulness Practice.

I am here to share and hold space for you. Whether we are on shoot together or exchanging learning.

I offer a unique blend of photography & wellness for the lady boss, the soul sister (or brother), the love birds, the families, the wellness centres, the organisations, the seekers and the doers:

Is it photography you’re after? or are you wanting to dive into the teachings of the oldest living culture in the world?


About me

Hi! I’m Mikaela or Maki (my nick name since, for ever) I’m a photographer, artist, wellness advocate & nutrition promotion worker. I love photography! I also believe that with ancient knowledge we get closer to truly healing our spirits.