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Hi! I’m Mikaela or Maki (Maki is my nick name, I dont mind being called either) I’m a Melbourne based Photographer, Artist, Wellness advocate & Aboriginal Nutrition Promotion worker…

Ahh how many titles do you want give yourself? I know right. But titles are mostly so you can see what background someone is coming from. I dont get caught up in those. I feel like a lot of our disconnection comes from separating ourselves from our work and how we live, from our purpose, from work & play. Can we really build a life that we ‘dont need a vacation from?’ yes!

I have always been a creative person, it was suppressed heavily after high school in those deciding university years. Going through the motions with the intentions of getting a “real job”. Which I did. I did land the job I wanted as an Aboriginal Nutrition Promotion Officer of which I am forever grateful for (I’m still doing it).

As I daydreamed and started to experiment with my creativity, I got the old DSLR out and started to take it more seriously. I started to feel really inspired, like I could create something that wasn’t confined to typical organisational boundaries - aint nothing wrong with working this way, as a business owner you will work more than this! BUT! on your terms.

I absolutely LOVE photography. In an attempt to not sound too corny, its freezing those moments in time that I love. Its your face when you see your photos and actually say “Wow I look beautiful”, its those memories that get to last FOREVER that I live for.

Its also that wow factor that can connect your business to others, in a magical way to create content so you can reach your dream audience in this new tech age.


I’ve always wanted to help, to heal & to help others see their true potential - sounds cliche right? (coz it is)

Our human potential has been forgotten and its an uprising of available (credible) information that’s helping us to forge a path, back to our innate being. And me? well I found it hard to ignore.

How many times do you get mocked for your “wellness bs”? its not cool to be seen to look after their health because it aint ‘cool’ enough - until they’ve experienced something so profound that its like a punch in the face or a wake up call?

I’m not here to punch you in the face - maybe metaphorically - but I am also a huge realist.

Lets work within REAL means by simply accessing what we have and what isn’t so out of reach.

I am bringing teachings of ancient wisdom to light and if you join me I hope we can exchange learnings.

I’m a huge believer that the meaning of life and our purpose on this earth is to live well by connecting, nurturing our relationships, drinking cawfee (but not too much), and JOYFUL EXPERIENCES - for real!

I’m whatever you need to be in the moment we are working together. Holding space is a beautiful thing and that’s what I believe we will share with each other.

I am a photographer who wants to capture you in moments that truly show who you are for you, your family and your biz.

I facilitate wellness through sharing my journey, knowledge + sharing Wayapa Wuurrk. I am a First Nations Australian on my fathers side (Gundijtmara/Muthi Muthi) & Anglo Australian on my mothers side. Both very important parts of who I am.

I truly believe with the wisdom of the oldest living culture in the world, that Aboriginal Australia has the power to heal all people and the planet.

I also truly believe, that Photography is more than just photos. A camera has healing powers. I’m talkin any kind of camera - even your phone - It can take you outdoors, it can make you uncomfortable, it can make you realise just how god damn great you look without needing the approval of others, you have the power to freeze a moment.

And… Life is nothing but a collection of moments. #YodaShit


Hey, I'm Maki

Here is a snippet of my qualifications + experience:

- Bachelor of Health Sciences, Public Health

- 4 years experience in Aboriginal Nutrition and Health Promotion

- Professional Photographer

- Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner Diploma

- Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

- Workshop facilitation