Be Prepared For Your First Shoot


Photo shoots can be daunting! Trust me I know, that’s why I’m on the other side of the camera.

So, I created a little to do/be prepared list to make sure you are feeling comfortable and prepared for your photoshoot with M.E.

In all honesty, I think you are going to be just fine! Sometimes the more awkward the better, we can make each other laugh and then I capture the most natural moments possible. But, in case you need some comfort or a bit of organisation (like me) have a read of my list below. 

MAKI EGAN-56.jpg

Here’s the list

1.  Have your outfit and props ready to go the night before or morning of your shoot – eliminate any stress that comes with making decisions on the day or last minute before your shoot

2.  Have your hair and make-up booked right after you book your session with M.E – I wish I had listened to my mum all those times she told me to do something straight away … not trying to be your mum! Just sharing the lessons learnt from the almighty m.u.m 

3. Have we had a yarn about what your visions are for your shoot? Lets do that

4. Please note you don’t have to have your hair and makeup done professionally, you may not even wear make-up at all! If this is the case then please don’t feel like you have to put it on (only if you’re feeling it) 

5.  My hot tip for appearances is if nothing else at all is please have your hair neat, trust me it makes a huge difference (more than makeup) to the end result of your images annnd takes the post production stress of photographers to edit individual strands of hair

6.  I will send you a confirmation text 24 hours before your shoot please look out for this and reply to confirm neither of us are stressing! 

7.  Bring some tunes if it helps you get in the zone! Rhythm and flow, helps you loosen up and relax into the mood

8.  If you’re wearing lipstick don’t forget to bring it along for touch ups!

9. Remember the more you look the more you like! Well .. at least that’s what I believe, how many times have you ditched a photo because you hate it only to rediscover it months later and love it?! 

10.  Take some deep breaths! And say, “I am totally enough” you have no idea how beautiful you look through my lens, we are our own worst critics and things you will look at and pick on I won’t even notice when glancing at your image, neither will a large majority of people looking at your socials

11.  Lastly, pay your final instalment prior to your shoot and we are ready to go! This will eliminate stress and speed up the post production process 

 Most importantly let’s have a fun time!

Mikaela Egan