Colonisation - It Affects You Too


I told myself I was going to shut off from social media around this time of year because of the heartache and emotional distress it brings. 

Not because the date hasn’t changed…

Because the racism & ignorance to our countries history rears its ugly head.

I have no intention using this moment that I have your attention to give a detailed explanation of Aboriginal Australia or to rebut every bigoted remark that is made- that’s not my job. 


It’s yours.


I will preface this by saying I am of mixed heritage, yes, before you quote the movie Mean Girls I’ll one up you- “you can’t just ask people why they’re white” lol – had to. 

And, yes, I have to regularly check my privilege. 

But my story is for another day. Maybe. 

Its with love & gratitude (I will put the sarcasm aside for this one) I have put together a list of 5 great resources you can navigate to if you wish to know more about Australia’s black history.

It is emotionally taxing for an Aboriginal person to continuously educate and share their story in response to racist remarks on any day of the year. Please, it shouldn’t be our job to get you acquainted with the truth.


So, I can only lead you to the water. 


Speaking of water … the Murray Darling River … its sick .. oh the irony, this country raped, pillaged and murdered most of the population that would never have let this happen #JustSayin

(my bad I said no sarcasm ok, ok moving on) 


No not you personally, but this leads to the point of the title of this post. 

Some might say we live in a cruel, cruel world. Riddled with disease, programmed and conditioned, climate change, war, drugs & alcohol – this affects EVERY single one of us. 

 *(please note I am not in any way shape or form downplaying the atrocities that happened to my ancestors, it’s not a comparison)

Aboriginal people are the custodians of the land and the waterways and have been for over 60,000 years. The oldest living culture in the world. Living in harmony with the land, creating a landscape rich with abundance and as described in Uncle Bruce Pascoes book, Dark Emu – ‘Pristine land’, prior to colonisation. 

How amazing is it for this to be a part of our history? 


But how does this translate to our modern age? 


“Go back to the bush and live off the land then” 


Well, firstly there has been too much damage to our people and planet for that to be possible. And I enjoy not having to kill animals and I personally love air-conditioning on 38 degree days. 


It’s the lessons we can learn from the oldest living culture in the world.


It’s the spiritual essence


It’s the healthy lifestyles 


It’s the food preparation 


It’s the harmony and connection with nature and every living creature 


It’s the connection to self


It’s the burning that kept the lands pristine and full of abundance 


It’s the smoke for cleansing 


It’s the spirit for healing 


It’s the natural medicine 


It’s the sophistication


It’s the stamina


It’s the resilience


It’s the knowledge


It’s the wisdom …


It didn’t have to be like this. 


Something to remember is that you have read a very brief account of what I feel in this moment. There is saying that goes around “If you meet 1 Aboriginal person, you have met 1 Aboriginal person”. 

Opinions will differ, the ability to let go of hurt and pain will not be the same for everyone, and rightly so.

This nation has never collectively engaged in truth-telling.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me god – said the missionaries. 

I truly believe that with the knowledge and wisdom of our nation’s First Peoples we have the ability to heal all people and the planet.


Below I have compiled a list of 5 of my favourite resources, so far. 

In no particular order.  


#1 Dark Emu – Bruce Pascoe 


#2 Nourishing Diets - Sally Fallon Morell


#3 SBS series ‘First Australians’ 


#4 Growing Up Aboriginal In Australia - Anita Heiss


#5 Bush Tukka guide – Samantha Martin

I’m being a lazy blogger and not giving you a snippet of what these books are about and why I like them. I'm leaving the exploration in your hands.

I’m le tired.

I have led you to a small waterhole in a very large eco system.

Stay hydrated.

Much love X










Mikaela Egan